Here you will find materials and information to further the Gospel message as well as scriptural support on a variety of topics. This page also contains links to beneficial sites that can be used as a good source for additional information. We hope these resources will serve you well, and we encourage you to revisit this page as we make additional information available.

Below we have provided a few tracts that our saints use in their witnessing to others. These tracts are excellent for helping people understand the scriptural relevance for our sacred beliefs:

  • The Way We Worship
  • 60 Questions on the Godhead
  • Why We Baptize in Jesus' Name
  • The Biblical Experience of Salvation

  • Links
    The following are a few links to web sites that you may find quite useful and very informative:
  • Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Searchable Online Bible provided by

  • Verse of the Day